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Our mandate is to provide support to rural communities and in the area of renewable energy we focus on promoting access to affordable energy by communities without necessarily depending on the public grid. In this ambit we designed an initiative in coordination with Quinta Irini through UNIDO/GEF support where we are demonstrating some renewable energy technologies including a solar fruit & vegetables dryer, grinder, and a biodigester where organic materials from the farm are used to produce biogas

 Our objective from the collaboration with UNIDO is to use the results from Quinta Irini and replicate the experiences to other communities and demonstrate that natural resources like animal and agricultural waste available in the community can be leveraged to generate energy thus supporting families in rural communities

 The use of biogas technology is still a new thing in Mozambique and many communities have not yet tapped into the important resource due to limited awareness. The collaboration with UNIDO also serves the purpose of disseminating knowledge about renewable systems

Mr. Tiago Luis, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and memeber of the TSE4ALLM project Technical Evaluation Committee

Agro-processing is a pertinent component of the Quinta Irini initiative which deals with the production and processing of a variety of value chains including teas, fruits, vegetables, and flours”---Marisa Esculudes, Owner Quinta Irini