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What is the guarantee fund account/ CREDITO SUPER?

It is a financial mechanism designed to facilitate access to special loans for industrial enterprises for the financing of renewable energy systems for productive use in Mozambique.


Interest rate of 7.50% of Effective Annual Rate; Fixed Interest Rate for the Financing Term - no surprises; Possibility of up to 1 year of grace period for capital in investment solutions; Specialized assistance to guide candidates and evaluate projects.


  • Expression of interest by subscribing to the portal "http://www.tse4allm.org.mz";
  • Ability to participate with 25% of the necessary investment, in cash or in kind;
  • Project to be technically evaluated and accepted by TEC (Technical Evaluation Commission UNIDO);
  • Present a technically, economically and financially viable Business Plan, approved by UNIDO and accepted by BCI;

Hold a Current Account at BCI in Meticais;

All non-BCI Clients must open an account with the Bank and present bank statements from the last 12 months of their main accounts at the other banks in the square in order to provide BCI with some historical information that will allow them to assess their financial capacity for the future reimbursement of the debt;

Demonstrate future capacity to meet the full payment of the credit; Not having irregular credit in the Credit Risk Center of the Bank of Mozambique and / or more than one return of Checks due to insufficient funds in the last 3 months

Who can apply

  • Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs);
  • Individual Entrepreneurs; Associations;
  • Cooperatives and NGOs that intend to implement renewable energy systems for productive use in the agribusiness sector (agriculture and agri-food processing) in Mozambique

Eligible Technologies

  • Solar systems for water pumping and irrigation; Solar dryers for fruits and vegetables;
  • Cooling systems for fish, fruit and vegetables; Ventilation systems for warehouses;
  • Solar Systems for Processing; (Grinding, crushing, peeling, cutting, packing, etc.)
  • Photovoltaic solar systems for productive purposes in the commercial sector
  • Water supply systems;
  • Solar systems for power generation on roofs of commercial establishments;
  • Solar systems for digital platforms in rural areas; Solar systems for recharging batteries;
  • Solar water heating systems.
  • Transformation of organic waste into energy
  • Biomass utilization systems for biogas production;
  • Systems for harnessing biomass for electricity production.

For more information;

Please contact the BCI Energy Desk with the following channels: a) E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. b) Phone: +258 21 35 3700 (ext. 0011123)