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UNIDOGoverno de Moçambiquegef

The project is led by UNIDO’s Climate Technology and Innovation Division (PTC/ENE/CTI) which is responsible for coordinating integrated policies, global partnerships and global fora in the field of sustainable energy and climate change.

This Division is part of the Department of Energy that provides assistance to member countries in the transition to a sustainable energy future under the overarching mandate of inclusive and sustainable industrial development, through the application of renewable energy for productive uses, adoption of the efficient use of energy by industry and the introduction of low carbon technologies and processes.

In transitioning to a sustainable energy future, the challenges of addressing energy poverty and climate change become an integral part of the Department activities. On the ground, the project in being delivered through a Project Management Unit (PMU) that has the ultimate responsibility to manage and effectively execute of the project, the achievements of planned outputs and set objectives.

The PMU is responsible for ensuring that the Government of Mozambique and all relevant partners and institutional stakeholders are kept involved, informed and consulted as appropriate with strict guidance from UNIDO Country Office in Mozambique.