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T@blet initiative empoweres rural communities with digital educationUNIDO through the “Towards Sustainable Energy for All in Mozambique” project’s capacity building component seeks to improve and develop the capabilities and knowledge of market players and enablers in the Renewable Energy sector.

In March 2020, UNIDO strengthened its commitment to the promotion of renewable energy initiatives by supporting the Community T@blet project to pilot solar photovoltaic technologies and disseminate integrated Renewable Energy systems for productive uses in rural communities.

The Community Tablet implemented by KAMALEON events and technologies is the first digital school, which runs on four to six large LCD screens, powered by solar panels transported by trailer (which can be attached to anything – from a motor vehicle to a donkey). Working with anthropologists at Mozambique’s leading university, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, The Community Tablet delivers customized animations that are relevant and familiar to local communities. Gamification helps to increase engagement, while also collecting vital data to demonstrate how well a message has been understood. Since hitting the road in 2015, it has helped to educate more than one million Mozambicans across 90 communities.

“We use solar powered tablets to conduct community education campaigns like financial education, contraception and HIV, Health and vaccination, civic education, data collection, among others” Dayn Amade, Founder, the Community T@blet.

The Community T@blet had its community outreach campaigns boosted when UNIDO handed over 10 solar kits to the initiative in March, 2020 . The solar panels will be assembled in an equal number of the community tablets in a period of 12 months, with 5 panels (each having a capacity of 275 Kw) powering each tablet. Besides supporting the community Tablet’s ongoing work on a wide range of topical issues, the solar powered tablets will be used for the purpose of knowledge transfer during renewable energy related capacity building and technology demonstration sessions of the ‘’Towards Sustainable Energy for All in Mozambique” project.

Speaking of the benefits of the received solar panel kits, Community Tablet’s founder Dayn Amade revealed that the 10 kits will not only make the use of community tablet more effective but will also reduce expenses on the panels and accessories like inverters and batteries. “1 solar kit alone and its accessories in Mozambique is very expensive, but with these kits provided, the cost will be reduced by 50%”