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On December 15th 2020, a memorandum of Understanding was signed between ClimateScience and the TSE4ALLM project with the aim of mutually promoting climate change education, specifically with regards to renewable energy in Mozambique. ClimateScience creates fun and free educational content on climate change, in order to inspire students and professionals to contribute to climate solutions.  ClimateScience’s mission is to make science-based content that is accessible to all, and to help educate individuals and organizations around the world about climate change. Beautifully-illustrated, understandable courses, as well as YouTube videos are created which give learners the possibility to practice their gained knowledge in presenting and debating their findings. 
On the other hand, the TSE4ALLM project’s mission is to move towards sustainable energy for all in Mozambique. Currently, modern energy sources for productive use and private-sector engagement are limited in rural areas. The Project aims to engage the private sector in order to promote the market-based spread of integrated renewable energy systems, which will then help provide the necessary energy to rural areas for productive use. In addition to creating pilot projects to show the benefits of these renewable energy systems, the TSE4ALLM project is also seeking to educate individuals, the public sector and private sectors on the benefits of renewable energy with regards to climate change.
In light of this, information about climate change training modules designed by ClimateScience are being shared with different TSE4ALLM project stakeholders including government agencies, higher education institutions, SMEs, RE technology providers, partner organizations and their target groups, among others, through selected channels.