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On 20th September the Government of Mozambique approved, in the Council of Ministers by Decree, the Regulation for Access to Energy in Off-Grid Areas. This regulation comes as a result of Government efforts that recognize the importance of the energy sector in catalyzing rural socio-economic development, leveraging private sector investment, and improving the conditions of millions of people.

“The approval of the regulations is timely! It is an instrument that will change the energy sector as the whole society is awakening and realizing the potential of energy for the whole country and at the same time a great incentive for the private sector in terms of boosting the generation and distribution of energy” - Vicente Matsinhe, National Coordinator,TSE4ALLM project

Read more here>>>> https://amer.org.mz/11633/

The Towards Sustainable Energy for All- Mozambique (TSE4ALLM) project applauds the government’s bold decision to approve the regulations as step toward ensuring universal access to electricity by 2030. The project continues to support the market-based adoption of integrated renewable energy systems by advocating for a conducive policy and regulatory environment that promotes the involvement of the private sector in the development of integrated Renewable Energy systems for rural areas.