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In 2021, the rural electricity access rate was estimated at about 8%, against 72% in urban areas of Mozambique. Whereas The country aims to achieve universal electricity access by 2030, energy access remains low with significant rural-urban disparities. Recognizing the need to adapt the legal framework of the electricity sector to the current social, technical and financial dynamics, as well as to the objectives of sustainable development, the Parliament in a plenary session on 30th March, 2022 approved the coming into force of the Electricity Law.


On 11th July, 2022, Law No 12/2022 was published following its enactment by President Filipe Nyusi. The purpose of this law is to define the general organization of the of the electric power sector and the legal regime of the activities of the supply of electrical energy. Most importantly, the new law underscores energy transition consistent with the reality of the country and universal access to quality, efficient and reliable energy, taking advantage of all energy sources, with emphasis on renewable energy sources and the reduction in the use of fossil sources.

The legislation governs the operation of the electric power system and general rules applicable to the production, transmission, distribution and sales activities, including imports and exports, with a view to providing more citizens with access to electricity. The new further, makes room for private investment in the import and export of electricity, electricity consumption, and energy services.


The Towards Sustainable Energy for All- Mozambique (TSE4ALLM) project applauds the government’s bold decision to enact and publish the new Electricity Law as step toward ensuring universal access to electricity by 2030. The project continues to support the market-based adoption of integrated renewable energy systems by advocating for a conducive policy and regulatory environment that promotes the involvement of the private sector in the development of integrated Renewable Energy systems for rural areas of Mozambique.