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UNIDO in partnership with FUNAE and BCI held a virtual event on May 12, 2021, that brought together 25 participants as part of the credit line dissemination activities carried out by the TSE4ALLM project.  The event was vital in raising awareness among renewable energy systems suppliers about the BCI SUPER credit line and sharing generic technical requirements that must be included in the proposals submitted by the potential beneficiaries.  “Participants had the opportunity to clarify certain aspects related to access to the investment capital provided by the BCI-SUPER credit line”
It is worth noting that renewable energy technology suppliers and service providers are eligible to compete for the BCI SUPER credit line and have a fundamental role in the project as they will be called upon to work in three aspects: (i) placing in the market innovative renewable energy solutions developed locally or in partnership with foreign suppliers; (ii) developing and submitting projects in partnership with  (associations, cooperatives, companies, etc.), iii) Offering technical support to fund applicants (potential beneficiaries), including detailed proposals with drawings, equipment prices and specifications for the submission of technical projects with complete information.
Can technology suppliers apply for financing for the acquisition of equipment? 
The acquisition of equipment will only be eligible for financing if it is part of a set of activities targeting a specific intervention in a rural community, where the use of energy will be highlighted. Technology suppliers and service providers must develop and submit projects in partnership with the private sector located in the communities (associations, cooperatives, companies, etc.), with concrete impact on rural areas and in line with the general objectives of the TSE4ALLM project