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Quinta Irini, an agricultural and agro-processing initiative located in Mafuiane engages in a wide range of agricultural activities including agro-processing agriculture, fish farming, fungal beekeeping (mushroom production) and the raising of animals.


The smallholder farmer initiative just like other farms in the greater Maputo region experiences water scarcity crises especially in the dry season, leading to the loss of many crops due to intense heat, and low or no production. To abate the challenge, the farm in the past resorted to the use of a diesel fuelled water pump whose operational cost is very high and also detrimental to other agricultural activities like fish farming due to the emission of unfriendly gases to the environmemnt


The farm intends to turn the situation around by promoting the adoption of alternative sources of energy. The aim of this initiative is to establish measures to change from traditional systems that are detrimental to the environment to more efficient and improved systems, as well as to induce the adoption of other energy options.


Changes will also ensure the sustainability of the use of the biomass resource, including use of residues to improve the quality of productive soils.


With financial support from the Global Environment Facility (GEF), UNIDO in partnership with Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development-National Directorate for local economic development, Quinti Irini will install the following integrated systems; Solar water supply system for irrigation and agro-processing; Solar Dryers for fruits and vegetables; Solar Grinding/Milling machine; and an Anaerobic Digester for biogas and fertilizer productionInformed. The purpose of the pilot project is to demonstrate how the adoption of integrated renewable energy systems for productive uses can contribute to increased sustainability, productivity and efficiency in the production and commercialization processes of agricultural products in the rural area of Mafuiane.


The process of submersible pump installation was commenced in July 2022 for irrigation of the Irini farm production area, as well as for the supply of drinking water to the community.


You can watch the video of the water supply system installation HERE