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Construction of a fixed dome biodigester Chinese model

On 6 April 2022, the TSE4ALLM project team participated in the preparation of the National Programme for Biogas Development in Mozambique, organised by the National Energy Directorate (DNE) in coordination with the Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM) and with support from the Energy Resource Centre (ERC).


The interaction with the local government leadership of Magude District revealed the potential that the district has for the production and use of organic waste and biomass "Magude district has a great potential for the development of biogas systems, due to the availability of raw materials resulting from intense agricultural and livestock activity" - Mr. Atanásio Nwito, District Permanent Secretary


Despite the fact that households in Magude district have livestock and agricultural assets for biogas energy production, the private sector and families face financial difficulties in investing in equipment for biomass generation. Biogas produced through anaerobic digestion (biodigestion) can be used for cooking as well as for electricity generation. It is believed that the potential for biomass utilisation is predominant on a national scale, particularly in areas characterised by intense agricultural and livestock activity, which can improve the lives of communities through increased energy efficiency, development of income generating activities (food preparation), reduction of environmental pollution levels resulting from the decomposition of biomass in the open air.

Information about the BCI SUPER credit line was shared with members of farmers' associations and with the district government (SDAE). TSE4ALLM project materials were shared not only with the DNE representative but also with farmers' associations and numerous questions regarding the credit line were clarified. In addition, potential partnership opportunities were identified with DNE regarding the use of biomass technology in the country.

The platform facilitated knowledge exchange on; the prerequisites for biogas projects, the concept of biogas utilization, examples of biodigesters in Mozambique and their functionality, the potential for biogas production in Magude district, different technological options for biogas, and the construction of biodigesters.