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On 11th November 2021 the TSE4ALLM project team made a field visit to Shine Water & Serviços LDA (SWS), the first recipient of the BCI SUPER credit line for the financing of renewable energy systems in Mozambique. The visit made 2 weeks after the disbursement of funds to the beneficiary was guided by the following objectives;

1.Soliciting beneficiaries’ views about their past experiences of access to water using the electric powered system
2.Identifying the social-economic benefits of the SWS to the communities through the lens of the beneficiaries
3.Understanding the challenges ahead and the next steps for ensuring effective implementation of the recently funded project
4.Providing media coverage of the SWS story

Beneficiaries views about the coming project
The project team obtained responses from the SWS beneficiary groups including community leader, project implementers, system technicians, and water consumers/clients.
Since inception in 2008, the Shine Water project has grown from supplying 20 customers to over 100 to date. According to the company’s CEO the solar powered supply systems will expand the reach to the communities of over 500 clients. “Currently we have 1 tank at the site but with the Solar system in place, we shall be able to install 4 water tanks of 10,000 litres powered by a solar system of approximately 5kW installed capacity” –Mr. Aly Mussagy, CEO

In the past the company solely depended on a water supply system powered by the utility grid which often resulted in various challenges including limited supply of water caused by frequent disruptions of electricity supply, high operational costs, and equipment failures caused by the instability of the electrical grid. “We used to receive water only twice a day but we hope this will change with the adoption of another system that does not only depend of electricity, we hope to receive water 24 hours a day”, Informed one of the female SWS clients.

Prospective socio-economic benefits of the solar-powered water supply system
Besides supply water to households, the Shine Water solar powered water supply system will expand its current reach to cover health centres, schools, construction brick laying sites, and subsistence horticultural gardens. According to community members, most residents of FAO/Nhumbane locality (90% women) depend on the income generated from the selling of vegetables and fruits produced from their subsistence gardens and reliable 24 hours per day water supply is necessary for increased productivity, and thus more income generation.

Challenges ahead and steps toward effective implementation
The coming into force of the National Water Supply and Sanitation Strategy implemented by FIPAG (the Water Supply Investment and Property Fund) that requires that all habitants should only depend on the public water supply is a potential threat to services of private entities like Shine Water LDA. “As we speak almost all households including our clients have been added to the FIPAG water supply network, we hope that a solution can be found to keep private suppliers in the supply chain” – Shine Water LDA system technician

Despite the challenges ahead, Shine Water & Serviços LDA, continues to remain at the forefront in providing a reliable solution to the water supply related challenges that the of FAO/Nhumbane community faces. “In a month’s period we shall have a fully-fledged solar powered water supply system installed and more clients accessing water 24 hours a day” Mr. Aly Mussagy- CEO Shine Water, LDA

Media coverage of the Shine Water disbursement story
The story for the disbursement to Shine Water was covered in 2 media houses namely;
•The office of the Prime Minister Information department (Jornal de Moçambique) --- 15/10
•Jornal Noticias- 13/10
•Diário de Moçambique -26/10